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Welcome to our first post on the WSHS Alumni site, I'm Greg Adkins Class of 1974.  When I graduated a keyboard was attached to a typewriter and didn't launch you into a world of apps or the Internet of Everything (IOE). Forty years from now when you look back, those apps and IOE will be changed as well. Access will be built into the fabric of your clothes, eyewear, and even the wallpaper.  It's true, the only thing constant in life is change, which is why we created this new channel. This is home and we promise to keep you plugged into the real bling - education, career, technology and reimagining cities.

Recently I attended a meeting at West Side H.S., my first visit in over 40 years. I had to restrain myself from running to find my old locker. That locker is where I stored all my important things, and if still there today I could add more stuff. I would add my first full passport book, because now I'm on my second. My degree from Kean University, MBA from Rutgers, and lessons learned working @ IBM Consulting - all added and stored safely away. Walking away from that locker my fingers crossed, I would hope some kid opens it to learn options are unlimited. 

Thanks for joining the site and please for your first posting reply, tell me - what life items would you reach back and place in your old high school locker?

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